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Celebrate Biodiversity – World Environment Day

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As we reflect on World Environment Day and focus on biodiversity, we highlight our work in support of The Prince of Wales’s long-standing advocacy for the natural environment, climate change and the health of the planet.

Twenty-five years ago, His Royal Highness noted that “The problem is that almost all of the actions of our society affect the biodiversity that sustains us.” Nineteen years later, His Royal Highness reiterated the importance of Reversing the Trend as he mentioned that “Throughout my life, for what it is worth, and as a result of witnessing their destruction throughout the 1960s I have felt rather deeply about the traditional meadows of the British countryside, from the water meadows of southern England to the hay fields of the Yorkshire Dales, the heathlands of Dorset, the rushy pastures and cliff-top fields of Wales and the machair of the Western Isles.” Biodiversity Seminar, London, 2014.

In February of this year, The Prince of Wales joined the Plant Health and Biosecurity Conference at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, where he said: Now, at last, we are beginning to realize that crises like climate change and biodiversity loss are not two different things, but rather just two faces of the same crisis…when we are increasingly aware of the contribution that plants make to our quality of life, and can now make to a circular bioeconomy, we simply have to be more cautious, more vigilant and more demanding, very demanding, in tackling this major environmental risk.”

The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund (PWCF) is delighted to support our Founder and communities to provide solutions to environmental issues. For over a decade, our Accounting for Sustainability project and International Sustainability Unit which continues its work through the World Resources Institute, have played key roles in addressing critical environment and sustainability issues including deforestation, conservation of rainforests and sustainable fisheries.

PWCF has awarded grants to several organisations including Plantlife UK, Bumblebee Conservation Trust, North Wales Wildlife Trust, Gleaning Network, The Yorkshire Arboretum, International Tree Foundation as well as Fauna and Flora International, to recreate lost habitats, put the planet and people first and secure a sustainable future.

Celebrate biodiversity and make time for nature. Please view a list of environment projects funded by PWCF.