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Inspired by His Majesty King Charles III

The Coronation Food Project is a ground-breaking response to an urgent and growing challenge – how can we reduce waste whilst also reducing some hunger?

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Food need is as real and urgent a problem as food waste - and if a way could be found to bridge the gap between them, then it would address two problems in one. To mark my 75th birthday in this Coronation year, it is my greatest hope that the Coronation Food project will find practical ways to do just that.
His Majesty King Charles III

The story so far

His Majesty The King has been a champion of the circular economy, farming communities and increasing our food security for many decades.

In December 2022, supported by a personal donation from His Majesty, a £1million fund was launched. Through this fund, over 800 commercial fridges and freezers were distributed to key locations across all four nations of the UK. Together they are helping food charities rescue tonnes of additional fresh and frozen surplus food every week – food that was at risk of being wasted.

This first initiative highlighted the urgent need to do more. Food charities and community groups are continuing to face increasing demands from more people struggling to make ends meet. There remain high levels of edible food going to waste from across the food system – at farm gate, through to retailers, food services and in homes. There is huge demand for food across the UK as we head into Winter 2023.

The Coronation Food Project seeks to tackle food waste and food insecurity across all four nations of the United Kingdom.

We want to work with the food industry and food charities to support the amazing efforts of many organisations, large and small, working to reduce food waste and food insecurity.

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The Coronation Food Project will be made possible through the generous support of philanthropists, donors and corporate partners. If you would like to support the Project, please contact us via You can also donate to our JustGiving page.

We are very grateful to Dori Dana-Haeri for Chairing the Project’s Development Committee. Dori said ‘I was astonished by the scale of both food waste and food poverty in the UK, so I wanted to do something practical to help and I am delighted to be volunteering for the Coronation Food Project. If you share our mission to reduce food waste and feed more communities in need, we’d welcome you on board as a donor or partner.’

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We hope to open applications to non-profit organisations in early 2024. Updates will be posted to this page and on our social media channels.

The Project will also support the whole sector through a grants programme. We’ll provide flexible grants and seed funding to inspire, empower and enable community groups to find new ways to support people most in need.

We hope to open for grant applications in the new year. If you think your charity or community group could benefit from a grant, please keep an eye on this page or follow us on social media to hear about forthcoming funding opportunities.

Our goal is to enhance the sector’s logistics capacity to redistribute more surplus food more effectively to more communities.  Coronation Food Hubs are a big part of the solution.

We aim to create a network of major distribution centres across the UK, with initial hubs being planned for Glasgow, Liverpool, Northern Ireland & London. We hope that we will be able to establish more Coronation Food Hubs in other regions but this will be funding permitting. The locations of any subsequent hubs would be carefully considered based on an assessment of need.

You can spread the word by sharing information about the Project with your contacts, or donate via JustGiving by clicking the button below.

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We would recommend contacting Fareshare, The Felix Project or organisations working in your community to learn more about volunteering opportunities.

If you would like to get involved or find out more, please email
Media enquiries should be sent to