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Families United Network

Supports children, young adults living with additional needs and disabilities throughout Bedfordshire.
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‘I can’t believe how much B has achieved this evening’

- Participant’s parent

The FUN Youth and Young Adult Clubs are designed to bring together vulnerable young people aged 10 to 25 with a broad spectrum of disabilities for fun activities as well as an opportunity to learn independent living skills, providing them with a sense of belonging and acceptance in their own community.

The project delivered the following outcomes:

  • Up to 1,200 places provided per year
  • 1 Youth Club per week during term time (36 sessions, 540 places per year)
  • 1 Young Adult Club per week per year (50 sessions, 750 places per year)
  • 35 parent carers receive respite

Youth Clubs for 10-17 year olds offers a range of themed activities.
Annual attendance 386

  • The Mexico themed evening, included use of the IT suite for research, cooking fajitas, making papier mache piñatas and sombreros and a fancy dress party.
  • Learning about healthy eating involved carrying out surveys and making fruit kebabs and smoothies.
  • Animal themed activities enabled the young people to research their favourite animals and draw/paint animals they could find around the building. They also made dinosaur cookies.
  • The young people formed a choir for the Christmas party.

Young Adult Clubs for 18-40 year olds
Annual attendance 385

  • A visit to the Jump Arena enjoying an hour of trampolining.
  • A picnic at Dunstable Downs including kite flying, sketching, photography and cricket.
  • Young adults were put into groups to compete in the FUN Bake Off.
  • Socialising at their Christmas meal.
  • Creating, and performing in, the Christmas Panto in front of families and friends.

Quotes from parents and carers:

“I am shocked; I can’t believe Adult A is capable of standing in front of an audience and delivering her lines”

“I can’t believe how much B has achieved this evening”

“C has loved rehearsing for this Panto, acting really helps calm her anxiety and she thrives in Drama”