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Sisthengisiwe Khanye at work

Practical Action

An innovative international development group, putting ingenious ideas to work so people in poverty can change their world.
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By 2025, two million people in rural communities will have better food security and higher incomes.

One of our strategic partners, Practical Action’s mission is to support people to lift themselves out of poverty while addressing the issues that keep them poor and vulnerable – issues that are made worse by catastrophic climate change and persistent gender inequality. The charity works with last mile communities, indigenous groups, smallholder farmers, refugees and displaced people and city slum dwellers. Their objectives are:

  • To improve lives and futures by unlocking people’s potential to change their world, especially women and the marginalised
  • To respect the planet’s boundaries by working with and for our environment
  • To achieve systems change at scale by changing the status quo through influence, convening and collaborating

Practical Action is using our funding to create farming that works by demonstrating how smallholder farmers can transition to regenerative farming practices in different agricultural and community contexts and use this evidence to leverage more investment to scale up regenerative agriculture.

More regenerative agriculture is crucial to achieving a farming system that delivers long-term food security and vibrant and inclusive rural economies with lower climate impact. However, changes must work in each agricultural and community context.

Although farmers, governments and businesses are interested in regenerative agriculture, many are holding back from making the transition, as they are not sure how best to go about it and want more evidence on what works in different contexts.

Practical Action is aiming to collect evidence and use this to create system change in regenerative farming in sub-Saharan Africa.