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Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts

Working to bring wildlife back, to empower people to take meaningful action for nature, and to create an inclusive society where nature matters.
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In the last 18 months the Wildlife Trusts have used green finance models to borrow £20m, enabling land purchases to conserve nature.

The Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts (RSWT) is the central charity which supports the federation of 46 independent Wildlife Trusts working for nature’s recovery across the UK. The Wildlife Trusts’ vision is of a thriving natural world, with abundant wildlife and healthy natural habitats playing a valued role in addressing the climate and ecological emergencies, and everyone inspired to take action for nature’s recovery.

Collectively, The Wildlife Trusts look after over 2,300 nature reserves, operate 123 visitor and education centres and own 29 working farms. The role of RSWT is to ensure a strong voice for wildlife at a UK level, supporting the individual Wildlife Trusts to be a strong force for nature in their local areas and to work together to achieve even greater impact as a collective.

The Wildlife Trusts are on a mission to bring about a people-powered nature and climate recovery by empowering people to take meaningful action for nature, and to create an inclusive society where nature matters to everyone, everywhere. As a strategic partner, RSWT is using our funding to develop the nature recovery network needed to reverse nature’s decline in two critical areas:

  • Protecting and expanding nature reserves through green finance mechanisms, unlocking more funding to permanently protect and manage more land.
  • Changing Britain’s dominant land use – agriculture – into a nature-restoring practice, rather than a nature-harming one. Expert advice is vital to help farmers transition to regenerative farming and our funding is helping to expand, professionalise, upskill and co-ordinate the service, including helping farmers utilise new environmental land management schemes.