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Simon Community Northern Ireland

Work without judgement to support people who are experiencing, or are at risk of homelessness.
  • Social Inclusion

More than 40 residents have benefitted from the Outdoor Wellbeing Hub, accessing the facility more than three times a week.

Simon Community Northern Ireland was supported by The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund (PWCF) through our small grants programme in March 2021. Simon Community is working to develop three Outdoor Wellbeing Hubs for the homeless in Belfast and Armagh. These Hubs aim to promote physical, mental and social wellbeing, helping to address prevailing health inequalities and multiple risk factors associated with homelessness. In addition, the Hubs promote a sense of community on the accommodation sites by fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility to develop and upkeep the spaces.

One Hub has been completed so far, with the others scheduled for completion in February 2022. To date, more than 40 residents have benefitted from the Hub, accessing the facility more than three times a week. Simon Community have organised gardening and outdoor cookery sessions, helping to promote wellbeing amongst service users. Indeed, this safe, communal outdoor area has been incredibly valuable during the pandemic amongst varying COVID-19 restrictions.

The Hub also promotes and facilitates volunteering amongst beneficiaries. Volunteering enables service users to develop fundamental life skills including communication and positive decision making which will contribute towards preparing them for transitioning into independent living. Furthermore, there are emotional and social benefits including increased self-esteem and regular interaction with others.

To learn more about the work of Simon Community Norther Ireland, please click here.