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Sustainable Food Trust

Works to accelerate the transition to more sustainable food and farming systems that nourish the health of both people and planet.
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Founded the Global Farm Metric Coalition, beginning in 2017 through working with farmers. The coalition now has over 50 members.

The Sustainable Food Trust (SFT) was awarded£100,000 in April 2021 by The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund (PWCF) to support their mission to accelerate the transition to more sustainable food and farming systems. Over the last five years, PWCF has awarded almost half a million pounds in grants to the SFT.

The SFT’s work covers three main pillars:

  • Leadership and Collaboration – Influencing individuals and organisations in leadership positions and collaboration with others
  • Research and Policy – Using sound evidence to advocate better policy and practice, conducting or collaborating on research to advance understandings of the change that is needed
  • CommunicationsEncouraging and empowering individual and collective action through engagement across all platforms, including press, website, newsletter, film and social media

Engagement with the public is an important element of the SFT’s work, and recent articles have been published on subjects such as agroforestry, sustainable production of livestock and the ramifications of the Australian free trade deal. Work around the Global Farm Metric, an international framework to measure the sustainability of food and farming systems also continues. HRH The Prince of Wales has been a vocal supporter of the Global Farm Metric.

In 2021, the Sustainable Food Trust formed the Grazing Livestock Alliance to highlight and communicate the benefits of well-managed pasture-based livestock systems. This will include an upcoming report on the climate benefits of such systems. In addition, the Feeding Britain report will shortly be published. This calculates the potential for UK farming and agriculture if all land was managed in a sustainable manner.

The SFT is also the home of The Harmony Project, an educational programme inspired by the book Harmony: A New Way of Looking At Our World (authored by our founder, HRH The Prince of Wales). SFT’s work on Harmony in food and farming seeks to demonstrate how and why we must put principles of Harmony into practice to accelerate the transition to sustainable food and farming systems that work with nature, rather than against it.

To learn more about the work of the Sustainable Food Trust, please click here.