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Toonspeak Young People’s Theatre

On a mission to transform lives through creativity. Our workshops, creative projects and all artistic opportunities are offered at no cost to our young people.
  • Social Inclusion

PWCF’s COVID-19 Recovery Fund enabled Toonspeak to encourage movement, imaginative play and fun – even when restricted to indoors! This is hugely beneficial to the mental and physical health of children and families in the Barmulloch area. The charity inspire, transform and progress the lives of the young people they interact with by helping children to become more confident, more creative and more connected to one another.

Their workshops are often during school holidays and always at zero cost to participants. The workshops and projects engage vulnerable children and families in deprived areas, and have a huge impact on those who participate.

Over the last year, Toonspeak sent out over 1,700 activity packs across Glasgow, providing materials for participants to create shadow puppets, Valentines chocolates and more. Toonspeak believe that its story-making fortune-telling game is a great way to foster and nurture creativity in young people, as seen in this video:

These injections of fun were a lifeline for families in lockdown:

‘We loved the parcels and appreciated your extreme generosity! The kids were over the moon every time they got a parcel from the excitement of getting the parcel to doing each activity we never managed to do them all but have made a little folder with all the worksheets in so we always have something to do on those wet days over winter!’

‘This was a great success for the children. They loved the postman delivering parcels with their names on it! They enjoyed the craft stuff and the sweets went down a treat! It was lovely for them to know you were still thinking of them and trying to help keep them entertained at home.’

‘I also want to sing your praises from the rooftops because I can’t honestly say how incredible but also how crucial your support, connection and encouragement and entertainment has been over this time for our family and many more I suspect.’

Their continued delivery of fun, creative opportunities for children has had a real impact on the community and transformed lives. Participants became more adventurous, confident and resilient. Crucially, Toonspeak’s work empowers young people from disadvantaged areas to create work which is valued and make a difference.

To find out more about Toonspeak’s work, please go to