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PWCF awards over £80,000 to 34 community organisations

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In October, our small grants programme awarded over £80,000 to 34 not-for-profit organisations. PWCF is working to transform lives and build sustainable communities across the UK and the Commonwealth.

This year, the Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund (PWCF) will award £150,000 to community projects through the small grants programme. We are pleased to shine a light on projects we’ve supported in our most recent round of grant-making. Discover our charitable interests by reading more about the projects we’ve supported below.

Inspired Equine Assisted Learning CICin Lincolnshire provides experiential learning for children and adults with autism. Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is a unique learning experience that uses horses as active participants. For people with autism, it provides emotional and sensory benefits, as well as interactivity with animals and improved communication skills. Our award will ensure 25 autistic children experience valuable learning sessions with horses.

In rural Cumbria, BEEP Doctors (BASICS Cumbria) Ltd., a group of fifteen volunteer doctors respond to medical emergencies and save lives. These volunteer doctors provide advanced skills in support of paramedics and emergency services, and make life-changing differences to major trauma, effectively bringing an intensive care facility to the roadside. Our award will help BEEP Doctors to respond to hundreds of people across the region.

Working to provide peer support from bereaved parent to bereaved parent following the death of a child, The Compassionate Friends are active across the UK. PWCF’s award will support 1,000 bereaved parents from Wales and the Borders, giving parents vital space to cry, to connect and to meet others. Support is a mix of in-person one-to-ones, groups, support days and weekend retreats, alongside online and telephone support.

Magpie Dancein London organise a twice weekly programme of dance classes for adults with learning disabilities. Attendance at these classes reduces social isolation, increases mental and physical health and increases confidence and self-esteem for participants. The grant from PWCF will allow 25 people a week to enjoy in-person dance classes and all the benefits they bring.

Based in Scotland, the Lorna Young Foundation are working to reduce poverty, improve social inclusion and protect the environment in developing countries through improving the sustainability of smallholder livelihoods. The Farmer’s Voice Radio brings farmers together in community settings to discuss their challenges on the radio. PWCF’s award will help to create a hub, co-ordinating Farmer’s Voice Radio in seven countries across Africa and the Commonwealth.

PWCF also awarded funds to the following organisations:



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To learn more about our small grants programme and apply for a grant, please click here.