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The Prince’s Countryside Fund and PWCF

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The Prince's Countryside Fund became a subsidiary of The Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation (PWCF) on 1st July 2017. This collaboration is built on the shared principles of transforming lives and building sustainable communities.

The Prince’s Countryside Fund was established in 2010 as a response to concerns expressed by HRH The Prince of Wales and by Business in the Community’s Rural Action Leadership Team regarding the future of farming and rural communities in the United Kingdom.

Given these origins, The Prince’s Countryside Fund operates in accordance with the vision of HRH The Prince of Wales which is to help improve the sustainability of British Farming and the rural communities that support, and are supported by, farming in the UK.

The Prince’s Countryside Fund relies on the income generated through corporate partnerships, logo licensing, events and donations. The British countryside is a huge natural asset and its contribution to our everyday life cannot be underestimated. To help ensure its future, the Fund:

  • Provides more than £1.2m in grant funding every year to projects across the UK that help to provide a secure future for the countryside.
  • Leads its own projects, such as The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme
  • Commissions research into issues affecting farming families and rural communities.
  • Acts as an advocate for the countryside and brings together individuals and businesses to help the Fund tackle current challenges.
  • Helps communities in crisis through its Emergency Fund.

“We are looking forward to working more closely with the PWCF. This move will help us to strengthen our growth and ensure that at a critical time we continue to provide practical and effective support to farming families and the people who live and work in the countryside.”Claire Saunders, Director, The Prince’s Countryside Fund

“I am delighted that The Prince’s Countryside Fund has become a subsidiary of His Royal Highness’s Charitable Foundation. We are looking forward to working together on our grant and fundraising strategies to ensure that the impact on our beneficiaries is optimised and The Prince’s determination to help rural communities is fulfilled.”Andrew Wright, Executive Director, The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation.