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Southmoor Cadets

Transforming lives – a visit to Tyne and Wear

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KCCF recently visited three remarkable grantees in Newcastle and Sunderland — Southmoor Academy Combined Cadet Force, Stepney Bank Stables and the Teapot Trust. Our visit highlighted the vital roles these organisations play in fostering development, resilience and well-being: making a real impact on the lives of young people across Tyne and Wear. It was wonderful to see how KCCF funding is helping these charities to transform lives and build sustainable communities. Read on and learn more about our grantees.

Southmoor Academy Combined Cadet Force

Our Founder has been a long standing supporter of uniformed groups such as Southmoor Academy Combined Cadet Force (CCF).

CCF is dedicated to instilling leadership skills, discipline, and a sense of community among cadets. The recent visit to the cadet force provided a comprehensive overview of the program’s activities, including drill practice, expedition skills and leadership training. The structured environment and supportive mentors help cadets develop confidence and a strong sense of responsibility. It was fantastic to see the facilities at the Academy, which are really impressive and include a flight simulator and radios.

The CCF equips young people with essential life skills, encouraging young people to be more confident, and face challenges head on. An emphasis on community service fosters a sense of civic duty and empathy, encouraging cadets to contribute positively to society. KCCF has supported the CCF with core salary costs since 2019. So far, more than 50 young people have joined the CCF.

Stepney Bank Stables

Stepney Bank Stables

Stepney Bank Stables works to enrich lives through horses. The Stables provides a safe and nurturing environment where young people can interact with horses, learn to ride, and take responsibility for animal care.

During the visit, KCCF learnt more about how our funding has been used to support 30 alternative provision and volunteering opportunities for young people who have experienced challenges in main stream academic environments. KCCF spent time with alternative provision students and their families, learning how Stepney Bank helps young people to build self-esteem, perseverance and responsibility, as well as providing educational opportunities such as pathways to college.

A parent of a programme participant said to Stepney Bank Stables: “I truly believe the work you do is completely amazing, what you do for my daughter is incredible and I know she will look back on her years at Stepney in the future and you will be one of the many people that paves her path to a better future, thank you.

Teapot Trust

The Teapot Trust at the Great North Children’s Hospital

The Teapot Trust works in several hospitals across the UK. A small grant from KCCF has contributed towards salary costs for an art therapist located at the Great North Children’s Hospital, who provides 48 art therapy sessions each week to children and young people in hospital.

Art therapists work closely with patients, offering bespoke sessions that cater to their emotional and psychological needs. The therapeutic process helps children manage pain, reduce stress, and gain a sense of control over their situations. The colourful artwork displayed throughout the hospital was a testament to the resilience and creativity of these young artists.

During the visit, KCCF attended an art therapy session with a young person who had recently had a bone marrow transplant, learning how art can help individuals to process their thoughts and feelings about their environment, as well express emotions and cope with extended periods of time in a hospital setting. The art therapy session clearly had a real impact on the young person KCCF spent time with, and it was incredible to see how this work is transforming lives.

The visits to Southmoor Academy Combined Cadet Force, Stepney Bank Stables, and the Teapot Trust at the Great North Children’s Hospital highlighted the transformative impact these organisations have on the lives of young people and their families across Tyne and Wear.