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Celebrating Autism Acceptance Month

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  • Social Inclusion

This Autism Acceptance Month, King Charles III Charitable Fund (KCCF) continued to champion organisations dedicated to raising awareness to promote autism acceptance, celebrate neurodiversity and individual differences.

Over the years, KCCF has supported several organisations advocating autism awareness enabling these organisations to amplify their efforts and enhance services to neuro-diverse communities. By bolstering initiatives, they are able to deliver appropriate interventions which ultimately improve and transform the quality of life not only for those living with autism but for their carers and families also.

The month commenced with KCCF’s Head of Governance and Operations volunteering at former grantee GUBA Foundation for their Autism Awareness and Acceptance (AAA) exhibition at The Tabernacle in Notting Hill – a community hub visited by our Founder after the pandemic. The exhibition featured work from an award-winning 11-year-old non-verbal, multi-disciplinary artist, Ama Antwiwaa Amponsah. The AAA exhibition highlighted and celebrated extraordinary talent while raising awareness about autism spectrum disorders and addressing significant stigma in Black and minority ethnic communities.

Guests at Autism Acceptance & Awareness exhibition

Earlier this month, KCCF also announced the deserving recipients of our most recent small grants round awarding more than £100,000.  Of the 36 organisations granted funding, Perth Autism Support , Autistic Nottingham and Asperger East Anglia provide services to neurodiverse people and their families.

Perth Autism Support (PAS) provides support for children and young people with autism to reach their full potential. This is achieved through various services including their early years programme, family and education support, and transitioning services to higher education and employment.  With KCCF’s support, PAS aims to expand their outreach, ensuring that no individual or family feels isolated in their journey with autism.

The KCCF team also met with grantee Autism NI to understand how the charity is making a difference in Northern Ireland, delivering positive outcomes for neurodiverse communities and promoting inclusion through “Get Colourful” activities during Autism Acceptance month.

King Charles III Charitable Fund is committed to transforming lives and continues to make a meaningful difference inspiring inclusivity, hope, awareness and understanding in the communities we support.

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