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Empowering farmers in Ghana

  • Education

The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund (PWCF) has supported the Lorna Young Foundation (LYF) to empower farmers in Ghana through community radio stations.

Radio presenters interview a shea butter cooperative leader.
Radio presenters interview a shea butter cooperative leader.

The radio programmes provide agricultural education and support, which help smallholder farmers to improve production sustainably, preserve their environment, and sell produce at a fairer price. Funding from PWCF and a UK Aid grant would enable at least 10,000 smallholders to receive up-to-date farming advice from local farmers and agricultural workers via the radio.

LYF first set up Farmer Radio in northern Ghana in 2018 in partnership with the University of Reading’s Walker Institute. In July 2019, LYF’s Farmer Radio project won the Big Impact for a Small Charity award from the Foundation for Social Improvement’s (FSI). A short film about the project can be viewed on the FSI website, which highlights how Farmer Radio connects farmers to the knowledge they need to make sustainable farming decisions, reduce poverty, and transform their communities.

Following our Founder’s visit to Ghana in November 2018, PWCF is delighted to work with LYF to deliver the Fund’s mission “to transform lives and build sustainable communities”. PWCF’s work seeks to support The Prince of Wales’s vision of a Commonwealth that builds impactful connections and offers practical means to work together for a better future.

The Small Grants application form and eligibility criteria can be found here.