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Over £100,000 awarded in latest small grants round by PWCF

  • Countryside
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Heritage and Conservation
  • Social Inclusion

PWCF continues to transform lives and build sustainable communities across the UK, Commonwealth and Internationally. In September, our small grants programme awarded over £100,000 to more than 40 non-profit organisations.

This year, the Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund (PWCF) has doubled its small grants fund and will award £300,000 to community projects. We are pleased to highlight the projects we’ve supported in our most recent small grants round. Discover our funding themes and interests by reading about the projects we’ve supported and by following us on Instagram and Twitter.

Epic Dad CIC in Suffolk supports fathers with their wellbeing through one-to-one support and creating ‘safe spaces’ for men to talk. The organisation also empowers fathers by running parenting courses and workshops exploring the importance of their role, transforming families by providing dads and children’s clubs and family activities which strengthen family life and relationships.

Based in the London borough of Newham, Ambition Aspire Achieves Arc Music project will provide opportunities for local young people to learn music production and sound recording techniques through weekly sessions in a fully-equipped, high-tech recording studio. As well as the opportunity to learn instruments and digital music production skills, young people can also gain an Arts Award. Our funding will ensure 96 young people engage with the programme over a three year period.

Working to improve the health and wellbeing of young people with disabilities, SPLASH is providing weekly therapeutic horse riding sessions in Tyne and Wear. PWCF’s award will help young people to improve their physical wellbeing and self esteem, as well as improving social skills whilst enjoying the benefits of spending time with horses.

Based in Cardiff, the Taff Community Allotment Group is working to connect people with where their food comes from, and provide allotments and equipment free of charge to vulnerable people, ensuring they are able to grow and eat their own fresh produce. Our funding will help 86 families to participate in the project.

With funding from PWCF, Relate Derby & Southern Derbyshire will provide free counselling to individuals, couples and families who would otherwise struggle to self-fund counselling support, particularly as a result of the cost of living crisis. The counselling sessions help people suffering from depression, anxiety and stress to improve emotional and mental wellbeing and reduce feelings of helplessness and isolation.

Please view a list of the organisations we have funded here, or learn more about our small grants programme here.