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PWCF visits Gympanzees

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Social Inclusion

It was amazing to visit Gympanzees in Bristol last week and see how the charity supports children and young people aged 0-25yrs with any disability by providing fun and fitness for all disabled children, their families and friends.

Every summer, Gympanzees hold a pop up activity centre for four weeks with various rooms designed for different sensory and physical experiences – including specialist gym equipment and a dynamic sensory room. The pop up has real benefits to participants and their families, helping people to connect in a safe space and improve their physical and mental health.

Parents said:

It’s such a relief to come here where it’s quieter, less overstimulating (different rooms) and zero judgement. Much needed positivity for parent, child and sibling. Keep doing this, it’s so incredible and worthwhile.

We’ve come up from Cornwall because stuff like this just does not exist, it enables all my girls to play together which is otherwise inaccessible to families like us. Thank you Gympanzees!

Activity room

PWCF supports the Gympanzees Lending Library through our small grant programme. This provides access to specialist, ordinarily unattainable equipment for many families at home. By supporting parents to select items that will support their child, kits are tailored to their specific needs. Equipment is delivered, with the help of volunteers, safely to homes across Bristol. There are more than 600 families benefitting from the Lending Library each year. Being able to access specialist equipment enables families to test equipment before they make a huge financial commitment and purchase. It also improves physical health and motor skills of the child, and often results in improved behaviour and wellbeing. By focusing this activity around play, Gympanzees’ work helps to improve family relationships.

Learn more about the charity here: