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Small grants announcement: 36 charities supported for community impact

  • Countryside
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Heritage and Conservation
  • Social Inclusion

We are delighted to announce that King Charles III Charitable Fund (KCCF) has recently awarded small grant funding to 36 deserving non-profit organisations, each committed to making a positive impact in their respective communities in the UK, Commonwealth and Internationally.

We hope our funding will bolster the efforts of these organisations and amplify their ability to create meaningful change as they work to transform lives and build sustainable communities.

KCCF has awarded more than £100,000 in this funding round. Our new grantees work across our funding themes: environment, countryside, social inclusion, health and wellbeing, education and heritage and conservation. Each year, we award approximately £5m across our small and large grant programmes.

We are proud to support organisations  that reflect the rich diversity of our society, including those led by marginalised communities and addressing the unique needs of underserved populations. Inclusivity is at the heart of our funding, and we are committed to amplifying voices that often go unheard.

We also recognise the critical role that environmental organisations play in safeguarding our planet for future generations. Their tireless efforts to protect fragile ecosystems, restore degraded habitats, and raise awareness about environmental issues are vital in working towards a better future. Through our grant making, we aim to amplify our grantees  impact and drive positive change..

We would like to thank all the organisations that applied for funding. We are encouraged by your dedication to service and we recognise the invaluable contributions you make to building stronger, more resilient communities. While we were unable to  support every applicant this time, we hope you will continue your important work.

You can see a list of those who were awarded funding here.

Stay tuned for updates on the impact of these funded projects.