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World Alzheimer’s Day – Let’s talk about dementia

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Social Inclusion

With nearly 50 million people living with dementia worldwide and around 850,000 in the UK, it is critical to break the silence and challenge the stigma that surrounds dementia.

On World Alzheimer’s Day 2020, The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund highlights the contribution of a number of grass root community and national organisations working tirelessly to raise awareness of issues faced by people affected by dementia and assist people live well with dementia. PWCF is delighted to have supported this important campaign by funding a number of organisations and community projects across the country.

Alzheimer’s Support’s inspirational day care is a core service for people living with dementia. The club offers companionship and social interaction whilst also providing respite for carers.

Forget me not dementia cafe for older adults and their carers, was funded by PWCF. Radnorshire Healthy Friendships purchased musical instruments, specialised cognitive exercise games and provided reminiscence therapy to exercise the mind and assist with slowing the ageing process of the brain.

Increasing numbers of vulnerable elderly people, with either diagnosed or undiagnosed dementia, are being admitted onto acute hospital wards. Memory Boxes, delivered on-site by trained volunteers from Wessex Heritage Trust contain items that stimulate the three senses proven to trigger memories. Interacting with others helps patients restore their self-esteem and improves recovery rates. The Memory Box reminiscence service provide useful benefits to people living with dementia in hospitals, residential homes and day-care centres.

With funding from PWCF, Sudbury Neighbourhood Centre provided music therapy sessions for vulnerable elderly people living with dementia in deprived communities in North London. Music therapy can promote active engagement, communication, creativity and expressivity and alleviate the anxiety and depression often associated with dementia.

Hearts and Minds Elderflowers programme uses unique personalities, bespoke communication techniques, intriguing themes, musical arrangements and gentle movements to bring participants back to a time in their lives they can connect with. PWCF funded the Elderflowers programme at Findlay House dementia HCU Edinburgh.

A significant number of Wag & Company’s volunteer befrienders are making a difference to older people’s lives across the North East by reducing loneliness, enhancing physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Chepstow Senior Citizens Welfare Trust facilitates the ‘Monday Club’, where elderly people participate in managed activities including reminiscence sessions, art/craft classes, music performances and quizzes. The club helped attendees with dementia and their carers, offering them the opportunity to socialise with others and take part in fulfilling activities.

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